Bureau Veritas approves HELION’s marine battery

Bureau Veritas approves Helion’s marine battery

HELION Hydrogen Power (Alstom Group), a high-power fuel cell manufacturer, has received Bureau Veritas approval for its marine version of the FC-RACK, a zero-emission hydrogen electric generator dedicated to marine applications.

This approval is merely a formality, but it is a new step towards the certification of Helion’s marine fuel cell. This 6th generation fuel cell not only complies with Bureau Veritas* standard for fuel cell use on board ships but it also meets safety requirements.

The marine adaptation of the fuel cell is ensured by a double casing system and

offers perfect sealing in saline environments. In addition, the new HELION FC-RACK Marine comprises thermal management, a dedicated control system and a hydrogen safety system allowing it to be installed inside or on the ship deck. Last but not least, its upright design makes it easier to access during maintenance operations.

* Bureau Veritas is a French company specialized in testing, inspection and certification

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