Canadians show interest for fuel cell cars according to a study


Hyundai just began leasing its fuel cell vehicle, the ix35, in Canada earlier this year. In order to better gauge consumer interest in the vehicle, the automaker has commissioned a new study from Ipsos Reid.

The study shows that most Canadians support fuel cell vehicles, with many planning to acquire these vehicles at some point in the future. Approximately 77% believe that fuel cell vehicles have a promising future in the auto industry, with another 64% of consumers showing interest in driving these vehicles.

The study from Ipsos Reid shows also that consumers are not eager on battery electric vehicles. 71% of them believe that conventional electric vehicles are too inconvenient due to how frequently they must be charged. As such, fuel cell vehicles are becoming the most attractive alternative for consumers interested in clean transportation

However, the country currently lacks a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Without new fueling stations, fuel cell vehicles will find limited success in Canada. 

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Laurent Meillaud

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