How to replace diesel trains with hydrogen-powered solution, a video by Alstom

#hydrogen #Alstom – H2Today reported recently Alstom’s announcement for its new Coralia iLint offering (French news). Alstom published a little animation presenting this breakthrough solution which demonstrate that Fuel Cells technology is clearly a strong option for high power demanding powertrains. That was already demonstrated for the 4 wheels world by GreenGT with its LMP2 Le Mans race car, power by a 320 kW Fuel Cell system from Symbio FCell. Now, trains, and soon boats, show a clear advantage of hydrogen versus batteries when it comes to high power, range, and operational continuity.

The complete energy block has been developed in South of France by a dedicated team of Alstom based in Tarbes (in the new Occitania Region). Hydrogenics, the Canadian Fuel Cell company is reputed to provide the Fuel Cell stacks.


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