toyota mazda partnership

According to Nikkei, Toyota and Mazda are discussing for a partnership in eco-friendly technologies.

Toyota intends to supply fuel cell and plug-in-hybrid technology to the Hiroshima-based smaller car maker. It will help Mazda to comply with California plans (to push automakers to boost sales volume for electric and fuel cell vehicles by 2018) and with China and other emerging countries environmental regulations too. By providing access to costly next-generation green technology, the company will be able to focus resources on small and midsize vehicles and sports cars.

Meanwhile, Mazda will consider offering its proprietary Skyactiv green technology. Toyota would be interested to add more fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel vehicles alongside its own advanced lineup of hybrids and fuel cell cars.

The companies intend to reach a consensus on a broad framework soon. They hope to strengthen their relationship after having achieved positive results from previous agreements. Toyota already provided hybrid-vehicle technology to Mazda in 2010.