3 years of free hydrogen in the US for Mirai buyers



The first fuel cell car from Toyota will be introduced in October 2015 in the US, into select dealerships in Northern California. This choice is based on advanced technology vehicle sales experience and proximity to hydrogen infrastructure.

In order to seduce future customers, Toyota is pledging three years of free hydrogen. This is a serious bonus, cumulating with the $5,000 federal and state incentives.

To be honest, Hyundai also said previously that it would provide free hydrogen for buyers of its Tucson fuel cell vehicles. But, the Toyota car is awaited by a lot of people and the production is limited to 3000 units for the US market through 2017.

The question is : how many customers will be concerned by this extra incentive ? Will it be limited in time and only in California ? Toyota may imitate Tesla, that has built a network of super chargers with electricity for free. It’s finally the same applied to hydrogen.

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