HyWay : the biggest private fleet of hydrogen cars is in France



Today, in Grenoble, partners of Tennerdis energy cluster gathered 21 fuel cell powered cars in a single place. These vehicles are part of HyWay project, backed by Rhone Alpes region and local departement of the french energy agency (ADEME). They run in Grenoble and Lyon, in real life conditions and refuel in two stations (one in each town).

In a Renault dealership, members of the press anf officials could see electric Kangoo fitted with a fuel cell range extender. A equipment supplied by SymbioFCell (a french SME whose one the major stakeholders is Michelin).

These are not prototypes, but real vehicles leased by companies which are backing the projet and want to reduce their carbon footprint. And they can run up to 300 km on zero emission mode.

This is why SymboFCell called this roadshow KOP 21 (for Kangoo on progress), refering to COP21 climate conference scheduled in Paris at the end of this year. And in the next months, the number will jump to 50 cars.

During a panel session, all partners called for a better consideration of hydrogen in energy mix. They also said that it will be possible to produce this fuel of the future with renewable energies.

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