Toyota is targeting London for fleet sales of the Mirai


UK will be one of the first european countries adressed by the Toyota Mirai in the third quarter of this year. This is an obvious choice : the refuelling infrastructure* is already in place. There are currently three hydrogen stations in London and 12 in the UK.

According to BusinessCar, the japanese car maker is considering a leasing plan for fleets. Priced £60,000, the Mirai is a pioneering new model, that will enable Toyota to deliver a new level of personal service. The car will be available as a right-hand drive.

20 cars shoud be sold this year, mainly in London.

Globally, Mirai production is expected to reach 700 units this year with the majority of the vehicles going to America and Japan. In 2016, Toyota is expecting to produce 1600 Mirais. Most volumes in Europe will be for UK and Denmark.


*The Department for Transport has decided to invest £6.6m in seven new hydrogen projects across the UK as part of its drive for greener vehicles. The money will be used to form a larger network of hydrogen refuelling stations.

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