The two car makers announced the executive structure for their recently established joint venture company, Fuel Cell System Manufacturing (FCSM).

Suheb Haq of GM will serve as the first president of FCSM, and Tomomi Kosaka of Honda will be the new company’s vice president. Haq and Kosaka will be responsible for operations, overseeing the start-up of the JV and ongoing manufacturing operations. GM and Honda plan to rotate the positions of president and vice president every two years.

Haq most recently was director of GM Operational Excellence. Kosaka was president & CEO of Honda of America, responsible for manufacturing operations of three auto plants and an engine plant in Ohio.

Further, FCSM will include a board of directors consisting of three executives from each company that will include a rotating chairperson.

Representing Honda on the FCSM board of directors are :

Takashi Sekiguchi, Managing Officer and Director/Chief Operating Officer, Automobile Operations, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Mitsugu Matsukawa, Operating Officer/ Chief Operating Officer, IT Operations/ Head of Production Planning Supervisory Unit, Production Operations, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Rick Schostek, Executive Vice President, Honda North America, Inc.
Sekiguchi will serve as the first chairperson of the FCSM board of directors.

Representing GM on the FCSM board of directors are :

Charles Freese, Executive Director, Global Fuel Cell Business
David Maday, Executive Director, Corporate Development
Robert Portugaise, Executive Director, Manufacturing Engineering