Considered as a pioneer in the field of hydrogen in France, lower Normandy has received a 4M€ funding from Europe for the EAsHyMob project, led by SymbioFCell and backed by EHD2020 association. The aim is to build a network of 15 to 18 refuelling stations, mainly in Manche department.

These stations will enable drivers using fuel cell powered cars to travel in France. Serfim company will help to build the network.

In Saint-Lô, a fist hydrogen station has already opened with the help of Air Liquide. So that, the fleet of ten cars* used by local authorities are able to refuel. Later on, more hydrogen cars and buses will stop at the station too.

A few months ahead of COP21, France shows to the world that it’s on the way to energy transition. An evolution that comes to reality in lower Normandy.


*HyKangoo ZE, powered by the fuel-cell range extender from SymbioFCell.