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The swedish company myFC is about to launch JAQ, the World´s smallest pocket sized fuel cell charger. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows smartphones and tablets, this device provides green electricity on the go.

As slim and just as big as a mobile phone, JAQ fits in a pocket or a bag. This charger uses Powercards, already loaded with salt and water. The only thing to do is to put a card in the device, and to connect JAQ to the smartphone with a USB cable. The capacity is 1800 mAh per card – equivalent to one smartphone charge.

Electricity is created instantly on the spot when the card is activated, with an output of 5V 1A, charging at the same rate as from the power outlet.

myFC announces a price of 4,90€ per month, for 24 months. More information will be provided in early January, when the device is shown at CES 2016.