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Players in the hydrogen sector, project developers, investors, potential users… Hydrogen Today provides you with the very best of daily hydrogen news and its applications, written by expert journalists and consultants, as well as a range of useful resources to help you discover all the potential and benefits of the molecule of the future.

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the latest hydrogen news

On, you will find all the latest news on hydrogen, from mobility to industry by way of research, innovation, other hydrogen applications, public policy and the economy.

Our fact sheets

hydrogen today news - fact sheets

We also provide you with educational fact sheets on the various themes that hydrogen can cover. These are quick and effective study materials to learn about hydrogen and its applications. Whatever your level of knowledge of hydrogen is, these fact sheets will undoubtedly interest you. Don’t hesitate to share them with your network!


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To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the latest hydrogen news, we offer 2 email newsletters:

– Your weekly newsletter (which you will receive every Monday morning)

– Your hydrogen news live (you will receive each article as soon as it has been published)

Calendar of the upcoming events

Here is a complete, up-to-date calendar of all upcoming hydrogen-related events (conferences, seminars, meetings, webinars, Shows, etc.). Links to the websites of all the events are also provided.

Our interactive world map about hydrogen

Have a look at our interactive world map sorting out the latest hydrogen news by countries. 

the latest news by key players in hydrogen

Hydrogen today: social networks

Hydrogen Today is also broadcast on various social networks. We regularly repost our articles on Linkedin and Twitter and you can find all our video interviews on YouTube.

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