Hyundai fuel cell car sets new world records in London area


As part of the UK’s Hydrogen Week, the government-backed London Hydrogen Network Expansion project (LHNE) – of which Hyundai Motor is a partner – broke two new distance records for fuel cell vehicles with a ix35 FC.

The first record was for the longest journey in the UK on a single tank of hydrogen, with 406 miles. Officially, the Hyundai FCEV is given for a range of 326 miles.

Another world record has been set for the longest-ever continuous journey in a hydrogen car, after the LHNE spent six days driving more than 6,000 miles, completing around 50 laps of the M25 motorway outside London.

LHNE, co-funded by Innovate UK, was set up in 2012 to create the UK’s first hydrogen-powered transport system across London and the South East. The project partners are now keen for the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology to accelerate in the UK but one of the main challenges is the limited coverage of refuelling stations to support the vehicles. There are currently six stations in the UK, including the two public Air Products stations in London and funding is in place for at least 12 to be operational in England and Scotland within the next 12 months.

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