Seabubbles in hydrogen mode at Cannes 

During the Cannes Yachting Festival, Seabubbles introduced its electro-hydrogen powered flying boat, a world premiere. 

This unusual actor revealed its new model at a dedicated exhibition held from September 6 to 11. The hydrogen-powered SeaBubbles are 8 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and can accommodate up to 12 people depending on the configuration. So as to stay true with the initial ideas of the concept’s creator, Alain Thébaut, automated foils were incorporated. 

These flying above water capsules have been inspired by the naval, automotive and aeronautical industries.

On a technical level, the SeaBubbles combine a hybrid drivetrain with a 60 kW fuel cell and a battery pack (4 modules of 88 volts). The autonomy is 2.5 hours by dint of three hydrogen tanks (stored at 350 bars), each containing 3.2 kg. This is enough to cover 50 nautical miles (90 km) at 18 knots. The refilling is done in only 4 minutes.

As a result of a two-year development work, the hydrogen-powered SeaBubble adds on to the 4 to 5-seat electric SeaBubble on batteries. 

The start-up is betting on the development of a hydrogen industry and local ecosystems. It will set up a first pilot line in spring 2023. The schedule also includes test phases in real-life situations.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud, translated by Marina Leite and reviewed by Logan King.

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