Tokyo motorshow also welcomes Mercedes GLC fuel cell SUV

Mercedes-Benz is presenting pre-production models of the new GLC F-CELL, marking the next milestone on the road to zero-emissions driving. Under the designation EQ Power, the latest electric model (destined for subsequent series production) from the Mercedes-Benz family is doubly electrifying. As a world first, it is set to combine innovative fuel-cell and battery technology in the form of a plug-in hybrid: in addition to hydrogen, the all-electric variant of the popular SUV can be topped off with electricity.

The intelligent interaction of battery and fuel cell as well as short refuelling times will make the GLC F-CELL an electric companion for everyday use and long-distance journeys. With 4.4 kg of hydrogen on board, the pre-production model produces sufficient energy for a range of up to 437 km in the NEDC. F-CELL drivers also benefit from a range of up to 49 km in the NEDC from the large lithium-ion battery. A power output of 147 kW delivers the combined pleasure of dynamic performance and zero-emissions driving.

“The benefits of the fuel cell are compelling: long range, short refuelling times and all that comes out of the “exhaust” is water. What’s more, the technology offers great opportunities for buses and other large commercial vehicles,” says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales. “We have no doubt that this technology has a future, wherever the necessary infrastructure exists – like here in Japan, for example.”

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