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Gas and electricity network operator Stedin is leasing two Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles for a 4-year period as part of a plan to have a majority of zero emission vehicles in the company’s fleet by 2020. “This is quite a challenge, comments Frans van de Noort, Director of Operations, because we have 1,700 vans, 900 passenger cars and 600 privately leased cars, representing one of the largest commercial fleets in the country. We do rely on full electric vehicles. However, we also realise that hydrogen is an interesting alternative”.

From top manager to mechanic: all employees will get their chance to drive the fuel cell cars.

For the public, sales of the Toyota Mirai in the Netherlands starts this month. With its fiscal policy, the Dutch Government has clearly marked a support towards the market launch of this new hydrogen technology. Customers can capitalize on many fiscal benefits, such as: exemption of luxury taxes and road tax up to and including 2020, and a benefit in kind tax of only 4% for private use of a company car, given the fact that the Toyota Mirai is a zero emission vehicle.

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