According to the University of Hawaï, drivers can now self fill the tank of their hydrogen cars in a fast filling station of the US Army.

The Hawaï Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) has commissioned a “Fast-Fill” high-pressure hydrogen fueling station at the Marine Corps Base Hawaï (MCBH), in Kaneohe Bay. This state-of-the-art station was developed to support a fleet of General Motors Equinox Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) leased by the Office of Naval Research for use by Marine Corps and Navy personnel on O‘ahu.

Operational since November 2014, this station was recently certified for unattended operation, allowing drivers to self-fill their cars just as they would do at any gasoline fueling station. The tank is filled in only 4 minutes at a 700 bar pressure.  The algorithms are able to control flow, ensuring tank temperature thresholds are maintained without stopping fills before completion.

Unattended operation will serve as a model for the installation of private stations throughout the state.

Read the full story : http://www.hawaii.edu/news/article.php?aId=7251