About 1500 orders have been recorded for the Mirai since its commercial launch in december 2014 in Japan. Initially, the carmaker had a target of 400 sales for its domestic market. Due to a stronger demand than expected, delivery delays  will take more time. 60 % of orders come from goverment, administrations and companies and 40 % from private customers. Consequently, Toyota has reviewed the process and sales forecasts.

From 700 vehicles this year, production will jump to 2000 vehicles in 2016 and 3000 in 2017. The japanese OEM will try to match customer demand.

In the US, Toyota has received about 16,000 “hand raisers”. That means people that would like to have one, even though the Mirai has not been launched yet in that country.  The cars will be leased for $499 a month.

In Europe, as it’s been confirmed during Geneva Motor Show, the fuel cell car will available starting from september in Germany (where it will be priced €66 000, VAT excluded), UK and Denmark. Other countries will follow in 2017.