After cars, buses, delivery trucks and construction equipements are concerned by hydrogen too. Bpi France has decided to invest 10,8 M€ in HyTrac project, led by Tronico Alcen company. The target of this R&D project, hosted by PIA (french program for research), and with a global funding of 26 M€, is to develop a high power fuel cell and a hydrogen tank dedicated to heavy duty vehicles. Another part of the project is to produce locally “green hydrogen”, thanks to renewable energies, and to deliver this energy in a filling station.

With the help of Tennerdis and S2E2 clusters, the HyTrac consortia shoud be able to offer a complete solution to vehicle makers from 2018 onwards, in France and in other countries.


*Partners include SymbioFCell, McPhy, Vinci Construction, CEA, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône anf FCellSys.