The energy storage and clean fuel company is rapidly developing market for refuelling fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs). ITM Power has £23.02m of projects under contract and a further £4.16m of contracts in the final stages of negotiation constituting a total pipeline of £27.18m.

In an update, the company announces to have secured £5.5m for its first FCEB refueller in Birmingham (which ITM Power will build, own and operate) and signed project development agreements with three UK bus operators, as well as business development agreements with two international bus operators.

ITM Power is also engaged in detailed discussions with five FCEB OEMs on refuelling requirements.

Other good news : the NewBusFuel project, funded by the FCH JU, of which ITM Power is a partner, demonstrates that hydrogen refuelling at a large scale is technically and economically viable for hydrogen fuel cell electric bus fleets. Check out the report.