Hollande symbio

During a visit at Air Liquide’s facility near Grenoble, french President François Hollande attended to a refuelling of a two hydrogen cars (a Hyundai ix35 FC belonging to Air Liquide and a HyKangoo* that is part of the fleet for HyWay project). There is a station, but it’s one the very few existing in France. Mr Hollande declared to the media that the new energy transition bill will enable the development of an infratructure, including for hydrogen cars, opening a new era for mobility. He explained that the regulation was evolving, with levers for research and deployment. President Hollande was accompanied by Segolene Royal, minister of Ecology.

He met during his visit Fabio Ferrari, CEO of SymbioFCell and supplier of a fuel cell powered range extender for the HyKangoo. They already know each other. The technology from SymbioFCell has been displayed at the Palais de l’Elysée, to illustrate the know how of innovative tech companies.


*The HyKangoo is a Kangoo ZE with a fuel cell powered range extender.