Intelligent Energy has the technological know-how to power an iPhone for a week without recharging. The secret relies on a hydrogen fuel cell, much more powerful than a conventional lithium-ion battery.

The britist company has unveiled a iPhone 6 prototype containing both a rechargeable battery and its own patented technology, which creates electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen (producing only small amounts of water and heat as waste). It’s a world first. And the good news is that the integration of the fuel cell system into the smartphone has been made without any alteration to the size or shape of the device.

The only cosmetic differences compared with other handsets are rear vents, enabling water vapour to escape. On the prototype, the headphone socket is used for the refuelling of hydrogen gas.

The company is believed to be working closely with Apple. The fact is Intelligent Energy also demonstrated a hydrogen-powered MacBook Air. But, no comment has been made in Cupertino… as usual.