20 Toyota Mirai deployed in Hamburg for a ride sharing service

Last week in Hamburg, the first 20 (out of a total 35) Toyota Mirai were handed over to the CleverShuttle ridesharing service. This makes it the world’s largest fleet of fuel-cell vehicles run by a single operator, according Toyota (which is not true, by the way, 50 vehicles are used for BeeZero car sharing service powered by Hyundai and Linde in Munich).

The CleverShuttle ridesharing service, is launched in Hamburg (following Berlin, Leipzig and Munich). The difference is that it’s relying solely on the Toyota Mirai – the first mass-produced fuel cell saloon car. This fleet is therefore powered entirely by hydrogen making it completely free of harmful substances and CO2 on the road.

The target customers are primarily train passengers looking for transport to and from train stations. The service is booked via an app, allowing grouping of passengers with similar routes. This means CleverShuttle can offer affordable prices, up to 40 per cent less than standard taxi prices.

For the second stage, just in time for Oktoberfest, Clevershuttle will also add 15 Toyota Mirai in Munich. This means visitors can travel from the train station to the famous folk festival emission-free.

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