80 DR : Zero emissions vehicles to race around the world in 2017


Inspired by Jules Verne’s famous book (Around the world in 80 days), the 80 Day Race will be the first of its kind to ban fossil fuels. The vehicles will have to run on electricity and/or hydrogen. It’s a tough challenge, but the organisers – Frank Manders and Hubert Auriol, three-time Dakar Rally winner and organiser of the China Grand Rally – are confident that technology will enable teams to achieve this goal.

Starting from Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower in April, 2017, the 80 DR will cross Europe and then many countries, from China to the US, and will come back to the french capital two months and a half later (or a little bit more).The teams will be free to choose their own route to circumnavigate the globe between eight major cities in which events will take place, such as qualifying events, an educational programme and tradeshows.

The news was made public in front of selected guests and media in the City Hall of Paris, that proudly backs the race.

Some competitors have already committed to participate to this event, such as the spanish racer Albert Bosch (whon ran on an electric car at Dakar 2015, french off-road racing driver Eric Vigouroux, Mate Rimac (founder of Rimac Automobili electric super cars), or STORM Eindhoven team with the fist ever electric motorcycle with swap batteries.

80 Day Race will continue its preparation to secure seven other major cities and, in cooperation with the city of Paris, a pre-event will be organised in spring 2016. .

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