A water-powered motorbike in Brazil



He’s an inventor, more than an engineer : Ricardo Azevedo has transformed his 1993 Honda NX 200 into a kind of water-powered motorcycle. The bike uses a car battery to produce electricity, and by the process of electrolysis, separates hydrogen from water molecules.

Six months since the launch of his “concept motorbike”, with added tests and improvements, Azevedo believes his project can help in the reduction of pollution.

Instead of carbon monoxide coming out of the exhaust pipe, it’s water vapour.

To trial his homemade technology, the Brazilian inventor used different kinds of water, such as distilled and drinkable water, and even water from a local polluted river. And it works.

Check cout the video.

University of São Paulo Mechanical Engineering professor Marcelo Alves appreciates Azevedo’s straightforward and simple concept. But, he would like to inform the public that there is no magic bullet to solve the energy crisis.

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