ADEME is to launch a new call for projects in autumn

The French ecological transition agency (ADEME) is preparing a new round of calls for projects, one of the essential criteria being the price. 

In an article published by the ‘Gazette des communes’, a French weekly magazine, ADEME Hydrogen expert Luc Bodineau lifted the curtains on the upcoming call for projects expected in autumn. He recalled that 35 projects have been pre-selected as part of the last call in progress, for a total investment of €1,200 million (about $1,195 million) – including €300 million from ADEME (about $299 million) -. If all these projects are completed, a total of 90 MW of electrolysis, 60 distribution stations and 630 heavy vehicles will eventually be deployed. 

While the agency plans to finish reviewing the final proposals (18 out of roughly 60 files were chosen in the last phase) by the end of the year, ADEME is planning a fresh call for projects in autumn. Projects combining hydrogen production—mostly via electrolysis—with applications in both industry and transportation will be targeted. However, there will be a big novelty. Luc Bodineau said that in the new European framework for State aid (IPCEI*), “70% of the score will now be granted on a price criterion.” Besides, the ‘Gazette des Communes’ added that “this criterion will probably be the financial aid related to the ton of CO2 saved.”

Consequently, the organization advises local governments to adopt a more economic approach. This new outlook shows that we are currently moving from the trial stage to the deployment phase.*Important Project of Common European Interest

Article written by Laurent Meillaud, translated by Marina Leite and reviewed by Logan King.

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