An agreement has been made between HRS and pHYnix

agreement  HRS pHYnix

HRS, a refuelling station manufacturer, has announced that it has signed a framework agreement with pHYnix, an independent European producer of green hydrogen. The agreement includes an initial order for 8 stations, with a total value of more than €18 million for HRS (about $19.5 million).

Of these 8 stations, 5 will have a capacity of 1 tonne/day and 3 stations of 200 kg/day. And there will be more to follow. Under this agreement, which binds the partners until 2027, HRS becomes one of the preferred suppliers of hydrogen refuelling stations for projects developed by pHYnix.

The latter is responsible for carrying European projects for the production and distribution of green hydrogen in the mobility and industrial heat sectors. All its projects amounts to 1.7GW and includes Portugal, Spain and France. For instance, one of the projects (Vitale) regards commercial-scale renewable hydrogen production (10MW). This project, located in Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real, Spain), will produce 1,450 tons of renewable hydrogen per year from the first quarter of 2024. This green hydrogen will be used in various sectors: mobility, logistics, long-distance passenger transport, urban and interurban transport of the Community of Madrid. It will also be injected into the gas network.

The first order of 3 stations providing 200 kg/day will be for the first projects implemented by pHYnix. The second order of 5 stations at 1 ton/day is expected before June 2024 and will be for the following projects.

You can read more about HRS here.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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