Airbus sees Singapore as a future hub for hydrogen-powered aircraft

Airbus sees Singapore as a future hub for hydrogen-powered aircraft
Airbus sees Singapore as a future hub for hydrogen-powered aircraft

A committee involving Changi airport and the civil aviation authorities has concluded that the South Asian city-state could play a strategic role in the development of hydrogen-powered aircraft.

In a press release, the European aircraft manufacturer refers to the Singapore Hydrogen Cooperation Committee. Formed in 2022, this committee brings together Airbus and Linde, Changi airport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). According to a study, Singapore airport could consume 50 tonnes of liquid hydrogen a day from 2040, rising to 600 tonnes a day from 2050. All these scenarios are based on aircraft with a capacity to carry 100 to 200 passengers and a range of 1,000 to 2,000 nautical miles*. The aircraft in question could enter service between 2035 and 2040.

That being said, the Airbus hydrogen aircraft could serve no fewer than 74 airports in South-East Asia from Singapore. In other words, around twenty countries. But for this to happen, the destination airports have to be ready to accept hydrogen and the airlines have to get on board. For the moment, the priority is e-fuels, but hydrogen could play a role in the sector’s stated aim to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The committee, which has shared its work, will continue to study various parameters. In addition to the technology for the aircraft and the price of liquid hydrogen, which concern Airbus and Linde, it will be looking at the implementation of the refuelling infrastructure (including logistics) and safety aspects.

To find out more, here are some details of Singapore’s hydrogen strategy.

*one nautical mile = 1,852 m

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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