Airbus targets 2030 for hydrogen in airports and on board

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Airbus targets 2030 for hydrogen in airports and on board

In a recent press release, the company reminds that an electrolyser capacity of 40 GW in the EU is expected by 2030. The increased availability of green hydrogen will thus help to decrease its cost by as much as 30 % by 2030 and 50 % by 2050.

This 2030 timeline is in line with Airbus’ anticipated delivery of its ZEROe programme. Indeed, according to Glenn Llewellyn, VP of Zero-Emission Aircraft, Airbus is targeting the use of green hydrogen to fuel its future zero-emission aircraft. He believes declining costs for renewable energy and the scaling up of hydrogen production could make green hydrogen increasingly cost-competitive with existing options, such as jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuels.

“Cost-competitive green hydrogen and cross-industry partnerships will be mandatory to bring zero-emission flying to reality,” he says.

Airbus is currently collaborating with both airports and airlines to ensure the necessary hydrogen infrastructure is in place. This includes research into how all airport-associated ground transport (i.e. cargo trucks, passenger buses, aircraft tugs, etc.) could be decarbonised throughout the 2020s timeframe using a stepped approach, which is expected to pave the way to hydrogen availability for aircraft over the 2030s timeframe.

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