BarMar and H2MED: Partners making progress on both sides of the cross-border hydrogen pipeline

BarMar H2MED hydrogen pipeline Europe
BarMar and H2MED: Partners making progress on both sides of the cross-border hydrogen pipeline

Enagás, GRTgaz and Teréga, in cooperation with OGE, have signed an agreement on the BarMar project for the Spain-France connection. Enagás and REN have done the same for the Spain-Portugal interconnection.

Euro is not just about football. The three partners in the BarMar (Barcelona-Marseille) project, which will link Spain and France via a maritime hydrogen pipeline, signed a joint development agreement in Madrid covering the development phase. The agreement covers Enagás (Spanish transmission system operator), GRTgaz and Teréga (French transmission system operators), in coordination with OGE (German transmission system operator), an associate partner.

This agreement covers BarMar’s feasibility studies, the minimal preliminary conditions for the final investment decision, as well as the main principles for the creation of a joint debt fund and the definition of its governance. At this stage, Enagás will contribute with 50% to the share capital, GRTgaz 33.3% and Teréga 16.7%, representing identical percentages in the Spanish and French parts of the BarMar project: 50% each.

At the same time, the partners involved in the renewable hydrogen interconnection between Portugal and Spain – known as CelZa (Celorico da Beira – Zamora) – have signed an agreement. These partners are Enagás and REN, who will jointly develop and fund the studies.

H2med is a transnational project designed to connect the hydrogen networks of the Iberian Peninsula to those of France, Germany and the whole of North- Western Europe. It is one of the projects selected under the IPCEI.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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