ANP’s strategic role in Brazil’s low-carbon hydrogen drive

green hydrogen in Brazil
ANP’s strategic role to develop low-carbon hydrogen in Brazil

In an insightful interview at Hyvolution Paris 2024, Rodolfo Saboia, the General Director of ANP (Brazilian National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels), delved into the ambitious journey of Brazil into the realm of low-carbon hydrogen.

Setting standards: defining low-carbon hydrogen

Brazilian parliament is on the cusp of a major decision, contemplating legislation that designates hydrogen production emitting less than 4 kilos of CO2 per kilo as low carbon. Saboia highlighted the flexibility this offers, making various technologies viable for inclusion in Brazil’s hydrogen production. With abundant renewable sources like solar and wind energy, Brazil aims to emerge as a major player in the low-carbon hydrogen landscape.

Saboia emphasised that the 4-kilo threshold does not confine possibilities but opens doors to diverse sources. Biomethane, bioethanol, and biomass are all under consideration, underscoring Brazil’s commitment to maintaining environmentally sustainable hydrogen production.

Addressing concerns about the legislation’s impact on Brazil’s low-carbon hydrogen production, Saboia reassured that the ANP anticipates challenges but sees them as manageable. The focus remains on staying below the 4-kilo CO2 threshold, ensuring a broad spectrum of production methods while aligning with global net zero-emission goals by 2050.

Technology challenges: charting a sustainable course

Saboia acknowledged technology challenges but expressed confidence in Brazil’s ability to overcome them. While the market may face hurdles, ANP’s commitment to the energy transition signals a strategic move towards a sustainable future. Brazil, with the help of the ANP, seems poised to enter the global shift towards low-carbon hydrogen.

You can watch the full interview of Rodolfo Saboia here.

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