Cranfield Aerospace Solutions successfully integrated its fuel cell in an aircraft

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions fuel cell aircraft
Cranfield Aerospace Solutions successfully integrated its fuel cell in an aircraft

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS), a UK-based company which is developing hydrogen propulsion system technology for aircraft, has just reached a notable milestone. It has successfully integrated its hydrogen fuel cell technology into the nacelle of an aircraft. This is a significant step towards certification and commercialisation of the company’s zero-emissions technology.

To be more specific, CAeS is working on a hydrogen fuel cell drive train. This 240kW system, which is 110% of the power of the engine that it replaces, has been successfully integrated into the aircraft’s nacelle. This achievement shows that hydrogen-electric propulsion systems can be a viable option for aircraft.

CAeS is now ready to progress to the next stage of the project and prepare for the testing campaign. Its objective remains to convert the Britten-Norman Islander (a British light utility aircraft and regional airliner) to hydrogen by 2026.

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions is also exploring integration into other aircraft platforms and applications. The company has recently announced a collaboration with Dronamics to study the integration of its Hydrogen Fuel Cell System on zero-emissions middle mile cargo UAVs.

On another note, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions was recently selected by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, along with ZeroAvia and Exeter Airport, to work on hydrogen readiness.

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