DRHYVE: Portable Hydrogen Refuelling Stations at Hyvolution Chile

DRHYVE: Empowering Global Hydrogen Mobility with Portability and Efficiency

In an era where sustainable energy solutions are gaining traction, PRF Gas Solutions, a Portuguese company, has taken a significant step forward with its groundbreaking creation: DRHYVE. This portable hydrogen refuelling station, showcased at Hyvolution Chile, is set to redefine the way the world approaches hydrogen mobility.

With its exportability and ease of transport, DRHYVE is breaking barriers. The ability to be transported anywhere and swiftly installed sets it apart from traditional refuelling stations. This innovative solution is poised to make a global impact by offering accessible and efficient hydrogen refuelling, regardless of geographical constraints.

Advancing the Transition to a Sustainable Future: DRHYVE’s Rapid Deployment and Operational Flexibility

PRF’s DRHYVE, revolutionizes the industry, facilitating the transition to greener energy. Its rapid deployment eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure, reducing costs and making hydrogen refuelling accessible even in remote areas or regions lacking extensive infrastructure. DRHYVE’s adaptability to various hydrogen inlet pressures (from 10 bar up to 1000 bar) ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure, enabling a smooth transition to hydrogen-powered vehicles. With efficient refuelling capacity in industrial settings (whether it’s refuelling a heavy-duty vehicle within 15 minutes or six forklifts per hour), DRHYVE guarantees minimal downtime and maximized operational productivity. With efficient refuelling capacity, it caters to heavy-duty vehicles, forklifts, and light-duty vehicles alike, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. DRHYVE’s portable design, rapid deployment, and operational flexibility establish it as a key player in the hydrogen industry, contributing to a sustainable future, one station at a time.

DRHYVE in Latin America

Latin America is experiencing a surge of interest and investment in hydrogen as the region intensifies its focus on decarbonization. With well-defined roadmaps and a commitment to exploring the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source, countries such as Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, and others have emerged as key players in this energy transition. In Chile, a country known for its prominent mining activities, there is an active pursuit of adopting hydrogen-powered trucks and buses for mining operations.

Countries like Panama and Brazil have recently joined the ranks of those recognizing hydrogen’s potential. As nations heavily reliant on fuel consumption, particularly due to extensive traffic through the Panama Canal, there is a growing acknowledgment of hydrogen’s role in addressing the pressing issue of decarbonization. By leveraging hydrogen as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels, these countries aim to pave the way for a more sustainable future while meeting their energy needs.

However, despite the region’s enthusiasm, Latin America faces legislative challenges in implementing hydrogen-related policies. The legislative framework surrounding hydrogen use is still underdeveloped, resulting in a lack of clear regulations and guidelines for widespread adoption. Nevertheless, Latin American countries are looking to established international standards, primarily those set by Europe and the United States, to shape their regulatory frameworks. Various organizations are actively working to address this issue and provide the necessary guidance for a smooth transition to hydrogen-based solutions.

Although there may not be fully operational DRHYVE infrastructure in Latin America yet, local actors are engaging in negotiations and expressing their interest in embracing this transformative technology. As the region continues to make strides in developing its hydrogen capabilities, it is expected to emerge as a significant player in the global push for sustainable energy solutions. Latin America’s commitment to combating climate change and driving a greener future for all will be showcased on the international stage.

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