Subaru, Toyota and Mazda to develop engines compatible with e-fuels and hydrogen

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Subaru, Toyota and Mazda to develop engines compatible with e-fuels and hydrogen

The three manufacturers will be offering more compact engines that can run on carbon-neutral fuels. This will enable them to optimise their electrified vehicles.

Far from the “one-track thinking” that only believes in battery electric vehicles, the Japanese manufacturers are taking a different approach. While electrifying their range, they are continuing to invest in combustion engines. Except that these engines will not require fossil fuels and could be powered, for example, by e-fuels, biofuels derived from biomass and hydrogen.

Toyota, which stands out for its multi-channel approach, has managed to convince its fellow Japanese manufacturers Subaru and Mazda to join it. At the same time, they were already proponents of this philosophy, which they had applied in motor racing. Together, they are going to apply the same formula to production models, in order to prepare the future of the Japanese automotive industry. Paired with electrical components, these future engines will be more compact while remaining efficient and high-performing. Smaller engines will allow for even lower bonnets, improving aerodynamic performance while contributing to greater fuel efficiency.

“In order to provide our customers with diverse options to achieve carbon neutrality, it is necessary to take on the challenge of evolving engines that are in tune with the energy environment of the future. The three companies, which share the same aspirations, will refine engine technologies through friendly competition.” Explained Koji Sato, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation.

It is worth noting that Toyota is referring to liquid hydrogen. A fuel that can be used (like e-fuels) in 4-cylinder 1.5 and 2-litre engines.

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