Ahead of European elections Hydrogen Europe calls for greater efforts through a manifesto

Hydrogen Europe Manifesto European elections
Ahead of European elections Hydrogen Europe calls for greater efforts through a manifesto

From 6 to 9 June 2024, the citizens of the 27 EU Member States will be called upon to elect their 720 representatives in the European Parliament. In a text aimed at the future elected representatives, Hydrogen Europe calls for perseverance and continuity in terms of the Green Deal objectives by structuring the hydrogen industry.

While a report by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) predicts a surge in popularity for far-right parties in the next European elections, according to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, Hydrogen Europe has decided to publish a manifesto in favour of hydrogen. This 8-page text explains that hydrogen is not a miracle solution, however, it can do what electricity cannot. It has great potential to develop industry and create job opportunities that would otherwise be lost. The text also points out that we are only one generation away from the target date 2050 for achieving carbon neutrality.

It also reads that Europe is not alone in its aim for decarbonisation with the Green Deal. Other parts of the world, such as the United States, China, the Arabian Peninsula, Brazil, Australia, Namibia and a number of other countries are also taking the plunge into decarbonisation. And their determination is undoubted.

16 recommendations for a strong European hydrogen industry

The text makes a total of 16 recommendations, which can be grouped under three main themes.

The first concerns Europe’s industrial policy, which must be competitive while supporting sustainable development. Hydrogen Europe suggests that a Vice-President of the Commission be assigned to this task. The association would like to see the role of hydrogen strengthened, to ensure a solid industrial base. It is also calling for the creation of an H2 Academy to train future talent.

The second theme relates to the development of the European hydrogen market. Hydrogen Europe is calling for continued support for the industry, through the Innovation Fund and the European Hydrogen Bank. It is also calling for harmonised regulations for the recognition of non-organic and low-carbon fuels, as well as greater support for e-fuels for aviation. Hydrogen Europe is also pushing for the rapid implementation of the RED III directives in each Member State in order to decarbonise the industrial, chemical, steel, ammonia and refinery industries.

The third and final theme centres around infrastructure. An overall strategy to set up an energy transport network and to create a European network of hydrogen operators is necessary. The association is also strongly in favour of a storage strategy. Lastly, it calls on Europe to encourage the rapid development of fleets of zero-emission vehicles, as well as infrastructure, rather than focusing on drafting binding rules.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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