Discover France Hydrogène’s program for Hyvolution

The association plans to hold several speeches during the Show next week.

On the first day, February 1st, France Hydrogène will primarily present on its stand the first edition of its annual barometer of the key figures of hydrogen deployment in France. Then, there will be two lectures in Forum 1: one on the ‘Trajectoire 2030’ study and another on the study conducted jointly with the PFA and the IRT-SystemX about the deployment of stations.

On 2nd February, the day will be marked above all by the Hyvolution Summit, an international forum which is a new feature of the show. Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène, will open the event and take part in the first round table, while Christelle Werquin, General Delegate, and Valérie Bouillon-Delporte, First Vice-President, will speak about subjects related to financing, decarbonisation of industry and mobility, ecosystems and other hubs.

The association will also speak with Evolen on the subject of offshore wind power. Besides, France Hydrogène is due to sign a partnership with Adecco on training.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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