French bill on energy transition opens the road to hydrogen

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Driven by Ségolène Royal, the french minister of Environment and sustainable development, a new bill on energy transition has been adopted at the Parliament. It’s mainly about air quality, low carbone zones, car sharing, and incentives to foster electromobility in France (10 000€ bonus to replace an old diesel car for a new EV) and charging points.

But electric vehicles are not the only ones to be backed by the french authorities.

The bill opens the way as well for hydrogen. In one year, the governement will present at the Parliament a plan. The aim is to create a business model to use hydrogen as a storage mode for electricity coming from renewable energies. In addition, fundings will be available for R&D in fuel cells and to create a network for hydrogen stations.

It looks like France wants to catch up with other countries already racing ahead.


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