The European Commission approves a French €900 M plan for sustainable fuels and hydrogen

European Commission hydrogen sustainable fuels plan
The European Commission approves a French plan for sustainable fuels and hydrogen

The European Commission approved €900 million in State aid to support the production of sustainable energy and fuels from biomass and renewable hydrogen.

Member States can set up investment programmes in all renewable energy sources, including renewable hydrogen, biogas and biomethane, storage and renewable heat. As it happens, the French programme falls within this framework. It should be noted that there is no mention of electrolysis, but of biomass. In fact, Pyrolysis is a process that uses non-food biomass to produce synthetic gas (which can give rise to renewable hydrogen) and biochar.

The French plan includes uses for industry (heat and fuels, including hydrogen) and for mobility with liquid fuels. It will shortly be available in the European Commission’s register of state aid.

“This €900 million scheme will help companies to increase the use of energy and fuels produced from biomass and renewable hydrogen,” commented Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President in charge of competition policy. “By reducing the reliance on imported fossil fuels, it will contribute to the achievement of the EU’s goals. This measure is an important step in the transition to a net-zero economy, while protecting the level playing field in the Single Market.”

Read the press release.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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