Freudenberg: an equipment manufacturer interested in hydrogen

Freudenberg hydrogen

The Freudenberg Group is positioning itself increasingly on hydrogen, with fuel cells but also gaskets that will make it possible to address other markets than that of mobility.

According to its website, the FST (Freudenberg Sealing Technologies) branch has been working on fuel cells since the 1990s. Its expertise has been applied to everything from forklift trucks and trains to commercial vehicles and drones. Just under a year ago, the group announced a partnership with its compatriot ZF to develop electric-hydrogen powertrains for trucks.

Freudenberg also produces gaskets. As a matter of fact, it is the European leader in this field in the automotive industry. But since the internal combustion engine is set to decline, due to the rise of electric solutions, the Chamboret site in Haute-Vienne is going to diversify. Flat gaskets will be adapted to be used in electrolysers. The company is carrying out the transformation as part of the Ovide H2 project, which has been selected by France 2030.

The group needs to develop new materials and processes adapted for hydrogen purposes. Freudenberg also needs to invest in human resources, by acquiring new talents capable of supporting both the increase in skills and the company’s future growth.

Hydrogen is “the energy of the future,” according to Christian Favetto, the site manager, quoted by *France Bleu. “Demand will soon be very high in the steel, paper and concrete industries. All major consumers of energy”, he pointed out.

*A network of local and regional radio stations in France

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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