FrHyGe: An industrial-scale underground hydrogen storage project led by Storengy

Storengy hydrogen storage underground FrHyGe
FrHyGe : An underground hydrogen storage project led by Storengy

Supported and subsidised by the European Union via the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, the FrHyGe project brings together 17 partners and aims to test the underground storage of hydrogen in salt cavities on an industrial scale.

FrHyGe* is in fact the merger of two projects: GeoH2 in Manosque (France) and SaltHy in Harsefeld (Germany). With a total budget of €43 million, including €20 million from Europe, the aim of the project is to test the underground hydrogen storage in salt cavities on an industrial scale. The aim is to set up a demonstrator at the Manosque underground storage site (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) and to study the replicability of this technology at another Storengy site in Germany, and on a broader European scale.

The project will be carried out over 5 years. Its first stage will involve converting a natural gas (or brine) salt cavity into a hydrogen storage system. Studies (environmental impact, safety, regulations) will be carried out for two years before launching construction, which should start in 2027. The project will then focus on demonstrating the feasibility of injecting and withdrawing 100 tonnes of hydrogen over cycles ranging from 1 hour to 1 week in the converted cavities at the Manosque site.

Ultimately, in the commercial operation phase, around 2029, the two cavities at Manosque will enable 6,000 tonnes of hydrogen to be stored. At Harsefeld, a storage capacity of 5,200 tonnes is being planned.

Coordinated by Storengy, the project brings together Armines, Artelys, Axens, CapEnergies, Géométhane, Eco-Med, IFPEN, Geostock, MinesParis PSL, GRTGaz, Enagas, ESK and Ineris.

*Full qualification in France of large-scale HYdrogen underground storage and replication from Germany to all European countries

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