Future-oriented filtration solutions for fuel cell and high voltage battery systems at MANN+HUMMEL

At the Frankfurt motor show, the german supplier will showcase new products, in order to prepare the mobility of the future. It is not yet clear whether this technology will in future dominate the market, or whether in future there will be a number of different, equally preferred forms of drive technology. However, MANN+HUMMEL has developed products for future hydrogen powered cars, too.

The portfolio includes a Ion exchanger filter for fuel cells (in order to maintains low conductivity of the coolant), a cathode air cleaner system (for the removal of harmful gases and particles from the cathode air to extend the lifetime of the system), and a coolant particle filter for fuel cells (to ensures cleanness of the coolant which is required for the thermal management of electric vehicles).

At the present time, the idea that the future of mobility will be electric seems to be becoming closer to reality, the german supplier says.

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