Geneva Motor Show : only water from fuel cell vehicles

Hyundai booth at Geneva

Geneva Motor Show : only water from fuel cell vehicles

At the last Geneva Motor Show, several OEMs have presented a fuel cell model : Toyota with the Mirai, Honda with the FCV concept, Hyundai with the ix35 FC and Volkswagen with the Golf Hymotion. But, at least two of them have decided to put the emphasis on water.

Why ?

Because water vapor is the only emission from fuel cell powered vehicles. Both Toyota and Hyundai have chosen to communicate that way, with huge aquariums (but of course, with no fishes inside). It was the most earth-friendly animation, if you consider that most ot the new cars unveiled at Geneva were supercars with 600 to 1500 horsepower under the bonnet.

The japanese carmarker had a touch screen on display too. Amongst the messages, you could read : “chemistry is revolutionizing transport”. And the chemistry is about the combination of H2 (hydrogen) and O2 (oxygen) to convert a gas into electricity with emissions limited to water vapor. No CO2, no greenhouse gas.

Is water part of the future of the automotive industry ?

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