Germany launches first methanol fuel cell powered vessel

Germany methanol fuel cell vessel
Germany launches first methanol fuel cell powered vessel

Ready to take passengers for a green tour on the beautiful Lake Baldeneysee, in Essen, the MS innogy is the first methanol fuel cell powered vessel in Germany. This clean boat has been built, thanks to a project led by innogy, a leading distributor of green energy in Germany and the City of Essen. The methanol fuel cell system powering the vessel is developed and manufactured by the Danish fuel cell manufacture SerEnergy.

The fuel cell system is a 35 kW one, consisting of seven 5 kW modules integrated in one rack.

On is website, Serenergy explains that the energy system is a hybrid constellation consisting of a fuel cell system and a battery pack, where the fuel cells work as a range extender allowing the vessel to sail for an entire day without fuelling. Using waste heat from the fuel cell to drive the methanol reformation process leads to a high electrical efficiency between 40-50 %. Not only has the methanol fuel cell system zero harmful emissions and is CO2-neutral, the Danish company says.

The full press release is available here.

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