Germany on the way to having the world’s first inter-regional H2 supply network

H2 Mobility Joint Venture makes filling-up with hydrogen possible Germany-wide in future

Six industrial companies – Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total – have formed a cross-sector joint venture, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland. KG. The creation of the limited partnership paves the way for a staged expansion of hydrogen (H2) filling stations across Germany. The Berlin-based company has started operations and is working intensively in preparation for Stage One of the joint action plan.

This envisages the accelerated set-up of 100 filling stations over the next few years. Senior representatives of the H2 MOBILITY venture partners met with Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt and discussed the next steps. “Electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells offer the best conditions : you have a long range and can refuel in some minutes, said the Minister. For the market ramp-up of this technology, we now need a comprehensive network of fueling stations for hydrogen. Therefore, I welcome the plans of H2 MOBILITY to build up 400 hydrogen fueling stations in Germany by 2023”.

H2 Mobility Joint Venture: Bis 2023 ist der Aufbau von bis zu 400 Wasserstofftankstellen in Deutschland geplant H2 Mobility Joint Venture envisages a Germany-wide network of around 400 H2 stations by 2023.

The H2 MOBILITY action plan would make Germany the first country to offer an inter-regional network where fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) can fill up with hydrogen. Therefore investments of around EUR 400 million in total are planned

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