Honda showcases a hydrogen truck at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas

Honda hydrogen truck
Honda showcases a hydrogen truck at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas

For the time being, this is still just a concept. The Japanese manufacturer, which supplies fuel cells (through its joint venture with General Motors), is looking for partners to develop hydrogen-powered road transport.

This Class 8 (37-tonne) hydrogen truck concept features three 80 kW fuel cells. They are supplied by Fuel Cell System Manufacturing (FCSM), the company’s joint venture with General Motors in Brownstown, Michigan. These latest-generation fuel cells improve performance and double durability, while reducing cost by two-thirds compared to the previous generation.

You can have a look at the Honda hydrogen truck in this video.

Honda is looking to decarbonise road transport with hydrogen, entering the race with Toyota and Nikola. This is one of the four key areas identified by the company for the application of its fuel cell. The second being the automotive industry. In addition, the future hydrogen-powered CR-V is also on display at the ACT. In fact, the Japanese manufacturer is also targeting stationary power plants and construction machinery.

Ryan Harty, assistant vice-president and head of sustainable development at American Honda Motor, will be speaking at an Ultra-Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Summit at ACT Expo on 22 May. He will take the opportunity to provide further details on Honda’s hydrogen strategy.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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