Honda pushes on hydrogen at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda tokyo 2015

Under the theme of “enabling people to live comfortably with peace of mind using technologies to ‘generate’ and ‘use’ energy and ‘get connected’ for energy,” Honda will present the unique form of a “smart community” that only Honda can propose at Tokyo Motor Show. The exhibit will include the car maker’s original Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) equipped with the Power Creator, a high-differential-pressure electrolyzer that “generates” energy, an all-new FCV (tentative name) that “uses” energy and the Power Exporter 9000, the external power output that supplies energy from FCVs and EVs to homes and other facilities to let the community to “get connected”.

Honda will also showcase power feeding from a FCV using the Honda Power Manager, a V2H compatible DC normal charger that is chargeable with renewable energy. Honda also will propose the use of a removable mobile battery pack as a form of renewable energy carrier. As a reference, the exhibit also will include the concept model of a new micro-sized EV which uses the mobile battery pack as a power source.

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