Honda wants developers to help for faster refuelling with hydrogen

Honda has been working with Wenger Engineering (a german company working in electromobility) for a long time to make hydrogen refueling faster and more efficient. The approach is called “MC Method” or “MC Formula”.

Honda, the inventor, has decided to publish a software that would help station designers and engineers apply it correctly. This software is available for free. The only restriction for developers is that they have to log in because Honda wants to know who will be using it in order to communicate with the user to help improve it further.

The current version (Version 1.0) of the MC Formula Validation Calculator should be considered an “alpha” version. The intention is to have as many interested people as possible to utilize the tool and provide feedback so that a more refined and final version of the tool can be produced in the near future.

MC Formula is an SAE J2601 standard fueling protocol, available in the 2016 edition of SAE J2601. It calculates a dynamic pressure ramp rate using adaptive feedback control based on the measurement of pressure and temperature at the dispenser in order to minimize the fueling time. The end of fill pressure target is also continuously and dynamically calculated throughout the fill.


The benefit of using MC Formula to the FCV customer is less time spent fueling. The benefit to the station manufacturer is enhanced design flexibility, along with potentially lower capital and energy costs, and higher energy efficiency. And the benefit for the station owner/operator is higher customer satisfaction.

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Laurent Meillaud

Laurent Meillaud

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