Hydrogen aircraft: Airbus wishes to open a hub in Spain

hydrogen aircraft Spain
Hydrogen aircraft: Airbus wishes to open a hub in Spain

With the help of Aena, Air Nostrum, Iberia, Exolum and Repsol, Airbus will be studying the creation of the first hydrogen-powered airport hub in Spain. This will join the “Hydrogen Hub at Airports” network.

To date, Airbus has signed agreements with partners and airports in 13 countries, including Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom), Asia (South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore) and the Americas (Canada and the United States).

This is the first time that such a consortium has brought together the entire value chain, from primary energy production to ground-based hydrogen operations. And all this with two airlines and a complete network of airports at the same time. This coalition will enable the partners to have a global vision of the hydrogen aircraft and how it can be integrated into the airport ecosystem. It will focus not only on hydrogen supply and infrastructure, but also on the specific requirements of airport ground operations.

“Given Spain’s great potential in renewables and low carbon hydrogen production, it is essential that the aviation industry as a whole collaborates to secure a future end-to-end hydrogen supply chain up to the airports,” said Karine Guenan, Airbus’ Vice President ZEROe Ecosystem.

The ultimate aim is to encourage and support the growth of the hydrogen aviation ecosystem in Spain.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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