Three weeks to go before the Hydrogen Americas 2024 Summit & Exhibition

Three weeks to go before the Hydrogen Americas 2024 Summit & Exhibition

As the 2024 edition of the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam has just come to an end, the hydrogen world is already looking to its next gathering.

The Hydrogen Americas 2024 Summit & Exhibitionwill return to Washington D.C. (US) on 11 – 12 June 2024. The United States is at the forefront of hydrogen investments. As a matter of fact, the country has decided to allocate 9.5 billion dollars to promote clean hydrogen and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides further levers to encourage the development of hydrogen in the US. The Biden-Harris administration forecasts a production amounting to 10 million metric tonnes per year in 2030, 20 million in 2040 and 50 million in 2050.

Despite this political voluntarism, thousands of clean hydrogen projects still have work to do to reach a Final Investment Decision (FID). This is where Hydrogen Americas 2024 finds its purpose, by helping to build the whole hydrogen value chain and ecosystem.

What to expect from Hydrogen Americas

The first morning will be centred on the American hydrogen market with a focus on the U.S. hydrogen hubs. In the afternoon, many topics will be brought up such as ammonia, electrolysers or investments. At 6 pm, Mitsubushi will host a drinks reception. As for day two, the focus will be on regulation, certification and safety in the morning. In the afternoon, conferences will dive into the future of hydrogen, in the U.S. and around the world.

You can have a look at the full programme here.

During this two-day event, over 4,000 visitors are expected to join and listen to about 200 international speakers, including several representatives from the U.S. DoE (Department of Energy).

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