Green Park Energy raises $30 M to export hydrogen and ammonia from Brazil

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Green Park Energy to export hydrogen and ammonia from Brazil

The start-up, which is carrying out an ambitious project to produce hydrogen and ammonia in the Parnaiba economic zone (Piaui State) in Brazil, has just secured financing and long-term rights to export hydrogen from the port of Luis Correia.

Founded in 2023 and headed by Bart Biebuyck (formerly of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership), Green Park Energy is investing to produce green hydrogen and its derivatives (including decarbonated ammonia). The company is currently working on two projects, one in Croatia (on the island of Krk near the Adriatic Sea) and the other in Brazil. Its Brazil project is an ambitious one, with a capacity of 10.8 GW. The plant will be built on a 310-hectare site to produce hydrogen and ammonia from renewable energy sources. From this highly promising location, Green Energy Park will deliver hydrogen to customers in industry and mobility.

Ground Zero for the hydrogen revolution

In connection to this project, the company has just raised funds totalling $30 million. The funds were provided by strategic partners, customers and financial institutions. At the same time, Green Energy Park has negotiated long-term rights to export hydrogen from the brand new Luis Correia port.

The ambition of the start-up is to produce low-cost hydrogen on a gigawatt scale. “Piaui is set to become our ground zero of the hydrogen revolution,” stated Bart Biebuyck, CEO of Green Energy Park. “The State of Piaui offers some of the best conditions in the world for producing green hydrogen. The State Government, and the Governor, Rafael Fonteles, are fully committed to unlocking the great potential of our unique natural resource endowment to the benefit of our citizens, the climate, and indeed the world” commented Victor Hugo Almeida, CEO of Investe Piaui.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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