Registrations for ‘Hydrogénies 2023’ are now open

The Hydrogen competition is back this year and the hydrogen award ceremony will be held on May 24 in the plenary hall of the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux, on the occasion of the 24th European Energy Transition Conferences (AETE in French).

This is the fourth edition of this competition, organised in partnership with the AETE and which is turning into an unmissable event. The purpose of these awards is to highlight the strength of innovation and the dynamism of the players in the sector. They reflect “the dynamism of the hydrogen ecosystem and its capacity to provide relevant answers to the challenges that is facing energy transition, such as those of territorial networking or the production of green energy as close as possible to the users.”

It is free to participate. However, you must submit an application before 10 April 2023.

Nine prize categories will be awarded: Low-carbon or renewable industry; Storage and valorisation of renewables; Rail or aeronautical or maritime/river mobility; Land transport of goods; Passenger transport service, Awareness, Education and training; Decarbonisation of industry (new prize in 2023); Territorial transition (awarded to a territory for its dynamism in the implementation of projects and synergies between local players in the field of hydrogen).

A special prize will also be awarded to the personality of the year who has worked particularly hard to promote hydrogen.

A maximum of two different award categories may be submitted for the same project. Besides, candidates may submit several different projects. To apply, the project must already be started (i.e. financed or validated by the European Commission, the State or a public or private investor, or launched by 31 December 2022).

Here is the link to register.

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